Digital Tattoo

 You can find me on google+. I moderate our Newmarket Staff Community and communicate with educators across New Zealand using Google Hangouts. I regularly run training sessions for TeachMeetNZ project and also for educators new to Google Hangout.
  On twitter, my handle is @vanschaijik. I am a regular #GlobalClassroom Host and participate in #edchatnz. I also encourage our school staff to use twitter and regularly broadcast their achievements.
 I have 4 email accounts. Each one for a specific purpose. The best way to communicate to me is via twitter or directly through my school email.
  I use facebook to communicate with global educators as I discovered on my sabbatical that many overseas educators use Facebook the way I use twitter. You can find me as MrsVanSchaijik
  Youtube is fantastic for learning with teachers as it allows them to rewind their learning. I have a few help videos on my youtube account. I record TeachMeetNZ sessions using youtube and then splice the video into bites for teachers spaces.
I love using wikispaces and find them intuitive and simple to use. I have a sandbox on wiki where I keep track of my internet readings and learnin.
  I have a reflective blog where I share what I have learn. My goal this year is to write feedback on other peoples blogs. One product of blogging was a Meme that I began in New Zealand.
 I use slideshare to share my presentations. I like it because it is easily embedded into web pages. I also like slideshare because I can track the number of views each presentation has had.
You can link with me on Linkedin. I have joined some interesting education discussions on Linkedin.
 I use Pinterest to curate ideas. So like my boards.
 I am learning to use WeChat which is a mobile app. My WeChat name is Ulimasao.