Sonya Van Schaijik is an experienced #SOLOtaxonomy teacher at Newmarket School in Auckland. She cowrote a book titled SOLO Taxonomy and English Language Learners with Pam Hook. She is a 2011 Core Education efellow, and a recipient of  a TEACHNZ sabbatical. She is a Pond Pioneer Educator. Sonya’s ongoing teacher inquiry is on the greatest source of variance that can make a difference to student learning–the teacher and how they share their learning. Currently she is an in school leader for the Auckland Central Community of School where she supports digital communication. She is also an in school teacher for the Asian Language Learning in Schools project. She hosts and curates #TeachMeetNZ where teachers celebrate and share their learning. She helps curate #EdBookNZ where teachers share their blogs. She coordinates the annual #EdBookNZ project which culminates with a digital book about current educator jargon. You can find her on twitter @vanschaijik.