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  • I am a teacher from Newmarket School in Auckland, New Zealand. My school role is ESOL coordinator, elearning lead teacher and school lead teacher for the ALLiS Cluster.
  • You can contact me at Newmarket School for Professional Learning with your staff and for speaking roles. 
  • In addition I have access to a list of educators who can speak on any education topic.

Achievements and awards:
In 2006 I was blessed with the Samoan Malu by Tuifa'asisiga Tulou'ena Su'a. I had a walk on role in the film 'The Tattooist.'
In 2011 I was awarded a CoreEducation efellowship. My research area was Hyperconnectivity. You can read about my learning on my efellows page.
In 2012 I co wrote an article for TKI on our lead in a global project using Skoodle.
In 2013 I was awarded a Ministry of Education TeachNZ sabbatical and used my time to travel the world where I visited 28 educators in 18 schools in 13 countries. When I returned home I shared my journey on RSCON4. This is the Reform Symposium Conference that is a global online conference.
The product of my TeachNZ year is the TeachMeetNZ project where I host virtual sessions for New Zealand teachers to share and celebrate their learning. This takes place each term. So far 100 New Zealand educators have joined me in a TeachMeetNZ session.
In 2014 -I hosted a live Google Hangout session from the Festival of Education in Auckland.
2014 -I joined the School in the Cloud Project as a Cloud Granny
2014- I was certified as a Flat Connection Global Educator.
2014- I jumped into the pond as a Pioneer EducatorYou can read all about our involvement with #N4LPOND by reading the article in http://www.educationaotearoa.org.nz/ Winter 2014 Edition.
2014- I was a member of the edchatnz conference  steering committee. One task was live streaming a Virtual Presenter. Another was ensuring that the edchatnz blog was regularly updated. A third was ensuring that meeting minutes were kept.
2015 I coauthored a book with Pam Hook. SOLO Taxonomy and English Language Learning.
2016-I lead our school in the ALLiS Project.
2016- I became an in school teacher for our ACCoS Group.
2016- I completed Teaching Professional Development for Language (TPDL)